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National Youth Advocacy & Resilience Conference, Savannah, GA, March 5-8, 2023

by | Mar 13, 2023 | Events, General

D2 Center Reengagement Supervisor and Youth Academic Navigator Jesi DeWitt attended the 23rd annual National Youth Advocacy and Resilience Conference in Savannah, Georgia this past March 5-8, 2023.

Key takeaways from Jesi:

This annual conference is held each year just off the historic Savannah Harbor (pictured below). This felt like the perfect setting to highlight the importance of building relationships with young people to foster resilience and provide that “safe harbor” for them. The conference focused on strategies to help reconnect disconnected youth, methods to build resilience in youth through protective factors, and skills in working with neurodivergent young people. The keynote speakers offered inspirational reminders about what grounds us in this work, reminding us about our “why”, and hope needed to support young people and each other especially after these last 3 years!

D2 Center Reengagement Supervisor & YAN Jesi DeWitt


The historic Savannah, GA Harbor


Scenes from the NYAR Conference 2023

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