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D2Center Videos

D2 Center Videos

Learn more about the D2 Center directly from D2 Center students and staff through our series of videos.

Adazia’s Story

D2 Center student Adazia shares her story

Madison’s Story

D2 Center student Madison shares her story

Alicia’s Story

D2 Center student Alicia shares her story

D2 Center Overview

More about the D2 Center: our students, staff, and services.

The Importance of YANs

What are YANs? Youth Academic Navigators!

Dropout Reengagement

The D2 Center partners with OPS to do outreach to students who have left school and help to re-enroll.

D2 Center: Alicia and Kelsey

Hear from D2 Center student Alicia and YAN Kelsey Hansen about the experience of dropout reengagement and reenrollment.

D2 Center Overview

Learn more about the D2 Center, our students, staff, and services.


Youth Academic Navigators are the heart of the D2 Center!


D2 Center graduate Dominique discusses the path to his high school diploma


Youth Academic Navigator Crystal discusses her role at the D2 Center


D2 Center student Tarek discusses the support he receives at the D2 Center


D2 Center student Lucia shares her re-engagement path


The D2 Center offers tutoring for our students year-round