D2 Center

Apply to become a D2 center student

Congratulations on making the decision to empower your future!

Once we’ve received your information, we can start the process of creating an Action Plan to fit your needs.


Filling out an application for the D2 Center is the first step to connecting with an pathway to a high school diploma. Fill it out and submit online, stop by the D2 Center to fill it out, or call us at 402-502-8534 to apply over the phone!

We’ll also need two consent forms signed: 1) a D2 Center consent (download: (English [PDF] or Spanish [PDF]), and 2) a school district consent (download the OPS consent here (English [PDF] or Spanish [PDF]). If you’re 18 or older, you can sign and date these consent forms yourself. If you’re under 18, a parent/guardian will need to sign and date. If you’re attending a school district other than OPS, we’ll assist you with getting their consent form.


Our Staff Specialist will contact you so they can give you an overview of the D2 Center and the services we provide.

They will have an in-depth interview with you to learn more about your life both in and out of school, including your academic history and other issues you may be facing that have affected your education.


Our Staff Specialist will help you complete the intake process OPS release, parental consent and D2 consent. If you go to school outside of OPS they’ll help you get the required consent forms; and you’ll then be assigned a Youth Academic Navigator (YAN).


You’ll meet with our Staff Specialist, your parent or guardian*, and your Youth Academic navigator (YAN) to assess and strategize to make sure you’re on track to graduate and connect you to resources in the community to help with other barriers you may face. You will also have access to D2 services, such as tutoring, elective credits and Career Navigators. 

*Required if under 18


Attending school regularly and earning credits will keep you on track to earning your high school diploma. Your YAN will check in with you on a weekly basis to see how things are going and help you overcome barriers and connect to needed community resources!

Not Sure If You're Eligible?

We serve out-of-school or disengaged youth ages 15-21 in Douglas and Sarpy Counties. You must meet the following criteria:

1) Age 15-21 (at least a 2nd semester 9th grader)

2) Able to earn a high school diploma by age 21

3) Voluntary – student choice to participate

4) Out-of-school, disengaging from school, or attending an alternative education program