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D2 Center Summer Elective Credit Sessions

by | Jun 21, 2022 | D2 Center Courses, Events, General, News

The first D2 Center summer elective credit session started on June 2, when students attended an afternoon orientation at the D2 Center (pictured below). Twenty-five students are enrolled in the first session which runs through June 24, and they are taking an English Elective class. The remainder of the class will be completed virtually, but students have the option to come in for special help, as needed. The second session begins on June 27 and runs through July 22. Two classes will be offered in the second session including Navigating Your Future and a Math Elective.

Certified teachers Clem Bell and Jodie Martinez are pictured below, preparing for the first summer session to begin. Mrs. Bell has been teaching summer sessions at the D2 Center since the first pilot class in the summer of 2011 when four students attended!


About Carolyn

Carolyn Miller is one of the directors of the D2 Center. She is a graduate of Omaha Northwest High School and the University of Iowa. Carolyn has been with the D2 Center since 2010.