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“Standing Up to Poverty” Video from Nebraska Loves our Public Schools

by | May 17, 2013 | General

The folks from Nebraska Loves our Public Schools and the Sherwood Foundation have created a powerful video that illustrates the many challenges facing Nebraska families today. “Standing Up to Poverty” shows barriers that stem from living in poverty, from poor health and nutrition to hunger, lack of sleep, and falling behind in school — as well as what schools and community organizations are doing to help children and their families succeed.

Here at the D2 Center we recognize many of the obstacles described in the video from what we hear from our students every day. Beyond helping our students re-engage in an educational program towards their high school diploma, we work with our students to address the other challenges in their lives that have led to falling behind or dropping out. We’re happy to be a part of a strong community that includes schools and organizations working together to help Nebraskans succeed.

Watch the video on YouTube and read more about it on the NElovesPS Blog.

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