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News from the Nat’l League of Cities Blog: Dropout Re-engagement Strategies in Los Angeles

by | May 9, 2013 | General, News, NLC Reengagement Network, NLC YEF Institute

Please read our colleague Andrew Moore’s blog post on new re-engagement efforts in Los Angeles, CA. The City of Los Angeles and the LA Unified School District are partnering to support out of school youth in thirteen re-engagement centers throughout the city. Andrew writes:

Many exciting pieces come together to support young people at the Boyle Heights center, none so innovative as the placement of an LAUSD counselor at this and twelve other centers around the city. At the close of the first school year of this partnership-in-action, outplaced counselors have met with 3,800 young people, 600 of those fully out of school, many of the rest well off track in credit accumulation for their age.

Check out Andrew’s post on the National League of Cities blog for the whole story.

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