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D2 Center Elective Credit Math Class Starts Dec. 17, 2012

by | Dec 12, 2012 | D2 Center Courses, General

A new D2 Center elective credit math class starts Monday, December 17, 2012. The class, taught by Nebraska certified math teachers Ms. Donna Trout and Ms. Jackie Thomas, allows for ongoing participation every week on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Online global classroom Khan Academy is the core of the curriculum for the course. Students also have the opportunity to bring in “live” math assignments from current required math classes they’re taking in their traditional high school or alternative program and receive individual assistance. Students can bank hours they attend and may eventually earn an elective credit after completing their Khan coursework and a minimum of 45 hours.

This class, like the current Reading Strategies class on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons at the D2 Center, is only for D2 Center students. To enroll, please call Greg Emmel at 402-502-8534.

When students attend the first time, they exchange contact information with their teacher and, from then on, communicate directly with the teacher about the days and times they’ll attend on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. We’re excited about this opportunity for our students to improve their math skills while earning elective credit!

Learn more about Ms. Thomas and Ms. Trout in our overview of their previous D2 Center class.

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