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D2 Center Summer 2024 Elective Credits

by | May 29, 2024 | D2 Center Courses, General, News, Tutoring, Updates

D2 Center elective credits have been in demand this school year! The first three quarters of 2023-24, 33 students earned 53 D2C elective credits. Electives include English, math, and Navigating Your Future.

Now that summer is here, the D2 Center is hopping with students working to catch up on credits over the summer. On May 17 and May 20, a total of 23 students came to the D2 Center to start an elective credit. During these sessions, students have a quiet place to work as well as 1:1 access to our teachers. Nearly all of them are counting on one or more D2 Center elective credits in order to graduate from high school this summer.We love seeing our students making progress towards graduation!


About Carolyn

Carolyn Miller is one of the directors of the D2 Center. She is a graduate of Omaha Northwest High School and the University of Iowa. Carolyn has been with the D2 Center since 2010.